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I have overcome personal cluttering dilemmas with family, friends and self over many years. This has given me a strong understanding for why we clutter, and why it’s important to change our mindset and move on with our lives. I come armed with a working knowledge, identifying strategies and practical solutions for a range of different situations, I bring a strong work ethic navigating and working with you to achieve a space you can proudly call your own. I have an educational background in visual merchandising, styling, staging, and media arts, and have managed a charity store for more than 5 years sorting and selecting the best from thousands of donations. On top of this, I have also written a book on how you can approach and tackle your own clutter titled ‘The Life Changing Miracle of Creating Space’ featured below.

Vini Foster

Professional Declutter & Styling Guru

You can’t have failed to notice how ‘decluttering’ is the trend du jour. However, before a certain person was asking us whether that moth-balled jumper in your wardrobe brings you ‘joy’ there was, and still is, Vini Foster.

Vini isn’t your regular ‘decluttering’ guru, rather he’s a self-taught and once chaotic individual who knows firsthand what living in disorganized mayhem is like. Crucially, he also, knows what NOT living in chaos is like. That’s why he’s best placed to teach you his methods to declutter your home, your work life, your digital world and your mind. The latter being extremely important for focus, achieving goals and for banishing feelings of anxiety and despair.

Decluttering Solutions for your mind, home, work, and digital world